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How to report the News

How to report the News

Check out this clever analysis of how infotainment news reporting clips are put together for.

More RTE Pravda-style rubbish dished up by Harry Crosbie on the Late Late last night

Once again we’re treated to more RTE Pravda-style output through a Late Late Show interview with businessman Harry Crosbie.

Crosbie’s output was along the lines of ‘it’s been tough for me too’, ‘all the best people are NAMAed’, ‘Harney is a great woman’, ‘nobody saw it coming’, ‘we’re all to blame for this’.

Now I have no problem with Harry Crosbie as a business man having a go, taking risks and publicising the launching of any of his latest projects.  (Note: This is the second time he’s been on the Late Late in less than a year.

What I do object to is being subjected to Harry’s worldview when not one single jot of this view is contested by the ever jocular Tubridy.

Of course, the audience clapped away nervously the way school kids laugh at an unfunny teacher’s jokes.

How Facebook can improve local businesses

Facebook Pages does boost local business sales.   Fans of these Pages are, overall, more loyal to a business, spend more and are likelier to spread the word according to recent research in the US.

And here’s an article on how a business can build traffic to its Facebook page.

Social Media – Tips for Business -2010

An interesting article from  Jeremiah Owyang  who made this presentiaton at the Silicon Valley Marketing Assocation in January.

His advice is that companies:

  • Must develop a business strategy based on customer understanding,
  • Put the baseline resources in place to get your company ready,
  • Should deliver a holistic experience to customers,
  • Need to build advocacy programs and anticipate customer need.

Some useful tips on picking the right Social Media tools

The social media marketing is expected to dominate this year but the growing list of online social media sites makes choosing the right route complicated.

From Facebook to YouTube to Digg and beyond, which media outlets will net the most bang for the euro  in terms of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic, and SEO?

You can download some handy tips on which one’s to pick here

Shakin’ Stevens coverage highlights Ireland’s ‘Paper of Record’ slide

Was the fact that Michael Barrett (aka Shakin’ Stevens),  who appeared in court in Northern Ireland accused of assaulting a photographer at what appears to have been a small town hotel cabaret show, really worthy of the space and photo awarded the story in last Friday’s edition (11 December 09) of the Irish Times?

Just more evidence, as if it were needed, of the creeping tabloidisation of the once renowned broadsheet?

What are the best TV ads of the noughties?

Interesting article here on the best television advertisements of the noughties

And seeing as we live in such a simplified expletive deletive world here’s a link to an old Irish radio advertisement for Brennan’s bread.

And here’s another bread advertisement highlighting the changing culture of rural Ireland.

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