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New Sustainable Restaurant Association launched in London this week

Is McDonald's the sort of organisation which should be welcomed into the Sustainable Restaurant Association?

The restaurant trade is reeling from the economic downturn as is its dwindling customer base.  Its a cost-effective and value conscious customer that walks through the door these days.

A new Sustainable Restaurant Association has just been launched in London.

Wonder would it catch on in Ireland and, of course, is a Sustainable Restaurant Association accreditation something that would catch your eye as a customer?

How easy should it be for the likes of Pizza Hut and KFC to join such a body?

You can read the report here

Meat Free Monday

McCartney launches Meat Free Mondays

Paul McCartney with daughters Stella and Mary

Paul McCartney with daughters Stella and Mary

I have to confess to enjoying  my own home-made beef burgers in a red onion and wine gravy – its a real winter comfort food but I know only too well the effect rearing cattle has on the environment so I’m going Meat Free Mondays.

Renowned musician and vegetarian, Paul McCartney, helped launch Meat Free Mondays in response to the ever-growing climate change crisis.

Personally I think its a great idea – healthwise, dietwise, economicwise and environment-wise and I’m looking forward to changing my eating habits.

Here are some other reasons why its a good idea.  I’ll post some  tasty veggie recipes soon – you’ve been warned.

According to the UN Report ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’, methane-emissions from cattle account for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, even higher than global transport emissions which come in at 13%.

Here are some other facts:

Meat is a “major stressor” on the world’s ecosystems, according to a UN report

*Meat makes 1.4 per cent of global GDP but 18 per cent of greenhouse gases

*Forty calories of fossil fuel energy go into producing a calorie of beef, but 2.2 calories for one calorie of plant protein

*Livestock production uses 8 per cent of the world’s fresh water

*One billion people are overweight, mostly in the west, where meat consumption is higher. Vegetarians tend to be slimmer

*The World Cancer Research Fund recommends eating 500g red meat a week

Of course,  ICSA leader, Eddie Punch has dismissed the idea as ‘nonsense’ and in an article  headed ‘Farm leader dismisses McCartney’s meat-free campaign’ Punch claims the campaign is a front for ‘militant vegetarianism dressed up as concern for the environment’. Don’t you just love it.

He has a point though when he claims that ‘ageing pop stars, noted for their conspicuous consumption and wasteful jet setting, are hardly best placed to lecture ordinary meat-eating folk on how to change their lifestyle patterns in order to save the planet.”

Guilty Burger Eater

There’s a more in-depth interview with Macca and his two daughters Stella and Mary here.

Best Eats around Dublin Town

Breakfast – Kilkenny Design

Nassau Street, Dublin.

Kilkenny Design in Nassau Street do a good value breakfast from 9.00 – 11.15 am Monday to Saturday – 3 items including tea or coffee, toast & marmalade for €5.00  or 5 items for €7.00.

Lunch – One Pico

Schoolhouse Lane, off Molesworth Street

Great value 3 course lunch for €20.00.  Usual excellent food & service from 12.00 – 3.00 pm daily Mon – Sat.

Dinner – Kinara

318 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3.

Kinara is an impressive operation – excellent food, attentive, efficient and friendly service in impressive surroundings.   This is a consistently well-run restaurant offering eastern Pakistani/Indian food at competitive prices.

They do a keenly priced early bird menu – 3 courses – starter, mains, desert – for €20 – Mon – Thurs 5.00  –  7.00 pm.

However their a la carte menu is well worth a try and is equally competitive. 

Dinner – Chez Max

Tucked away under City Hall beside Dublin Castle and opposite the Olympia, Chez Max is a busy and buzzing  French bistro which offers a €19 two course early bird menu.

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