Cowen, Conor and ‘are the Greens still in Govt?’

What a difference a day makes!

Well Cowen sure knows how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Just when a compliant media hails the return of the passionate Bulldog Biffo he tries a fast one.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an inept and unstable bunch of politicians….ever.   Meanwhile Conor Lenihan rushes to save his own skin with his appearances on prime time radio and television – Vincent Browne, Joe Duffy and a piece in today’s Evening Herald.

The Greens don’t come out of this well at all.  They’ve had numerous chances to say ‘enough is enough’ but they still hang on in there.   And yet even at this late hour, with the Labour Party motion staying on the Chlár to be voted on next week, the Greens have been handed a ‘get out’ clause.   If they had any real sense of the anger, fear, frustration and disgust that their coalition administration has generated across this small island, they’d walk now.

Interestingly, our compliant media has utterly failed to turn the spotlight on the four Ministers (with the exception of Martin) – Ahern, Harney, O’Keefe and Killeen who resigned and walked.  It is technically a dereliction of duty, so why have we not had the heat turned on them?  After all, this has been a well orchestrated move.  There’s a lot more to this story yet.

The whole debacle really only goes to show that, even the best backroom communications teams can look decidedly stupid when facing this level of innuendo,  lying and downright incompetence.


Yesterday one of the Pat Kenny Show slots was devoted to Mary Harney’s political legacy with medical consultant John Crown sitting in the critical corner and former PD press officer Stephen O’Byrne’s singing her praises.  At the end of Crown’s critical analysis, Pat Kenny pipes up,  ’But surely her heart was in the right place’.

So good old Pravda serves us up a diet of ‘good old boys’, a ‘bit of a divil but you’d have to laugh’ and ‘sure her heart was in the right place’

Her heart was on a beach in Thailand when our family members were lying on trolleys in packed hospital corridors.


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