Greens just ‘too smart by half’?

Greens to pull out of Government Press Conference - Paul Gogarty and daughter Daisy with an admiring Ciarán Cuffe looking on

And the Greens just keep going.   Despite savage cuts, despite a complete reneging by the coalition to protect the vulnerable, despite the IMF/ECB being called in to save the economy, despite the return of large-scale emigration and high unemployment, the Greens continue to issue statements of concern, grimacing, tweeting, and often finding themselves defending the indefensible which, from a communications perspective, can sometimes appear arrogant, even smug.

Interesting that the media have not picked up on the fact that Eamon Ryan actually intimated that an election would, most likely, be held in the Spring of this year in early November.  So it would appear that Fianna Fáil and the Greens had made a decision to leave Government and had discussed dates.

Of course, later that month the Green leadership, possibly under intense pressure from its  few remaining members following the IMF/ECB bailout, announced that they had decided to leave Government.  Gasp, Shock, Horror.  But When?  Aha, and here’s the rub.   John Gormley’s statement read:  ‘So, we believe it is time to fix a date for a general election in the second half of January 2011.’

Of course, the media ran with the line that ‘Greens call for an election in the second half of January’ with, it has to be said, no elaboration or correction from the Greens.

Now the Greens are rowing back on this very public pronouncement with a range of excuses which go something along the lines of :

‘There’s a Finance Bill to progress through the chamber and this could take six weeks.’  ‘We need stability’, ‘There is legislation we want enacted before we leave office.’ ‘I couldn’t possibly give a date on air, as, in any event, it is the prerogative of the Taoiseach to call an election.’

Now we are being told that what John Gormley actually said was that, in the middle of January, a date should be set for a General Election.

Sometimes, just sometimes, as my mother used to say, ‘you can be just too smart by half’.

Wishing – Hoping – Waiting


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