Callely and Expenses

In response to a question from Green Party Senator Dan Boyle today, Friday 25 June,  Mr Callely said he stayed in his house in Clontarf when he travelled to the Seanad from Cork.

Mr Boyle said documents showed the Senator submitted claims for 45 nights in Dublin during 2009. “So you’re actually claiming money for a residence that you normally live in, whether you see it as a permanent residence or not?” he asked.

Mr Boyle said there are a number of boxes on the claims forms, one of which is for accommodation, which can be left blank. “With all these forms, you have filled in the accommodation, and the accommodation is for the use of the house you otherwise would have deemed your permanent, private residence? ”

“That’s correct, yes,” Mr Callely said. He said this situation was “probably applicable” to other members of the House who have an apartment or house in Dublin and live in the country. He said he left Dublin as his primary address on his website because he wanted to appear to remain “committed” to the constituency.

Labour Party Senator Alex White asked Mr Callely if he would return the expenses if he was found in breach.

“If I  am found to have taken money that I should not have taken, of course I would reimburse,” Mr Callely said. “I have completed every claim form in good faith, which reflected my residency at that time.

“I don’t believe that I have received any monies that are due to be reimbursed, but if they are, I’d be happy to do so.”



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