Greens now contaminated by facilitating cover-up

Ryle Dwyer, writing in Saturday’s Irish Examiner, claimed:

“Since the latest Irish Times public opinion poll was conducted, the banking report drawn up by Patrick Honohan, governor of the Central Bank, was sharply critical of the Financial Regulator, the Central Bank, senior managers of the banks and the Government’s fiscal and budgetary policy for contributing significantly to our current economic crisis.

The Government has responded with breathtaking arrogance by establishing a commission of inquiry into the banking crisis and stipulating that the probe not investigate the decisions taken by government. This is a gross affront to democracy and an insult to the intelligence of the electorate.

It would seem the Greens have already become contaminated because they are backing these measures and thus behaving with the same contemptible arrogance.

Eamon Ryan tried to suggest the Green Party had nothing to do with what went wrong because it ‘was not in government for the long period in which these failings developed’.

That is true, but the Greens are now making up for lost time by facilitating the cover-up. They are essentially supporting the betrayal of the Republic.

Read the full article here:


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