Green’s Boyle speaks out of both sides of his mouth ………. again

The media-shy, Taoiseach-appointed twittering Green senator, Dan Boyle seeking publicity on the back of the Heineken Cup semi-final last year

Interesting listening to Green Senator Dan Boyle on Newstalk the other day.

When asked what he thought of Senator Donie Cassidy’s trip (or junket) to Turkey, Boyle claimed that ultimately the Senator was answerable to the electorate, intimating that they would be the ultimate arbiters.

Quite an extraordinary remark considering that the chamber of which Boyle is a member contains 49 members out of 60 who are indirectly elected by county councillors and a select group of university graduates.

The other 11 senators are directly appointed by the Taoiseach, Boyle  forgot to meniton he was one of them.

Secondly, Boyle was on the negotiating team that cut a deal that would instruct Green councillors to vote for an agreed list of Fianna Fáil Seanad candidates. This was the Greens payback for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern’s (I won it on a horse) nomination of Green senators Boyle and De Burca.

What Boyle did manage to mention,  contradicting his earlier defence, was that he personally, was in  favour of Senators being directly elected by the people.

Boyle is probably writing up a Seanad reform bill for the Department of the Environment right now but then…….. don’t hold your breath.

See Oireachtas Report on Seanad reform here


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