Sex, Lies and Oil Spills?

Crews work to collect oil near and around the location where the Deepwater Horizon oil platform sank

An estimated three million gallons of oil has already leaked into the Gulf of Mexico creating a  24,000-square mile slick which is approximately 240 miles east-to-west, and 100 miles north-to-south.

So far, eleven rig workers are dead and seventeen others are seriously injured while the massive environmental devastation continues.  And yet, US legislation caps BP and Tranocean’s (the Haliburton subsidiary who supplied the Deepwater Horizon rig) liability at €75 million and €65 million respectively unless  gross negligence can be proved.

Of course, there had been sharp criticism that, during the eight year Bush reign,  George W, Cheney and assorted carbon cronies infected the oil industry’s oversight agency,  the Minerals Management Service (MMS).  It’s alleged that Cheney held meetings with over 100 oil industry officials allowing them to draft a wish list of industry demands to be implemented by the oil friendly administration.

Now the Washington Post claims that last year the Obama administration granted BP a special exemption from a legal requirement that it produce a detailed environmental impact study on the possible effects of its Deepwater Horizon drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Good old Barack  delivered a special exemption for Deepwater Horizon in April 2009  –  just one of a litany of examples that reveal the close collaboration between the MMS and BP.

Meanwhile BP have recently  announced quarterly profits of €6 billion and, according to the New York Times, spent almost $16 million on lobbying in Washington last year.

So much for all the ‘hopey feely stuff’ then?

An  estimated 210,00 gallons of oil is flowing  into the Gulf of Mexico every day, that’s 8,750 gallons an hour,  as the massive slick approaches Florida and Texas.

You can see a vid of the Oil Rig Fire here:


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