Time to take to the streets and say we’ve had enough

We need a new Government now - Time to take to the Streets

This article, some of which is copied here,  was written by journalist Carol Hunt in last week’s Sunday Independent  (28th March).

I wholly concur.

……..So is there anything that we’re all agreed on?  Well, yes there is.  Without exception, every single person I have talked to recently has agreed – nay demanded – that the current crowd who call themselved a Government resign en masse.  Not in two years’  time, not next year or even next month, but now.

And, luckily, we have a successful blueprint to copy from a country with which we have generic links.

It was just over a year ago when the Icelandics took back control of their future.  Their “frustration had grown, first with the lack of any sense of responsibility (from government) then with the lack of any effective action to ease the economic pain most people felt – and finally with the sense that all the political elite were incompetent”.  Sound familiar?

By insisting on peaceful but powerful protests, by wearing orange armbands to show their willingness to work with and not against the police, they managed to pressurise the smaller coalition partners, the SDAP (Social Democrat Alliance Party) to pull out of government with the conservative Independence Party.

The SDAP had been “dying at the polls” before capitulating to public pressure and forcing an election.  But its decision to listen to the voice of civic society saved the party.

Could the citizens of this small island do likewise?  Is there a small political party at present in Government which will listen to us and help give us back our autonomy?  Can we make our voices heard above the monotonous drone of outdated and ineffective politicians, union heads and so-called ‘experts’?

Yes we can.  It’s time to grab a green armband, unite and shout as the Icelanders did,  “Vanhaef Rikisstjorn”  – “We the People,  Will Decide”

Democracy in action.  Now lets do it.  Its time for People Power.


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