Lee’s resignation will be seen as a massive FG own goal

After all the bad news stories, George Lee’s resignation from Fine Gael will have the Fianna Fáil handlers rightly rubbing their hands with glee.

George Lee’s dramatic resignation will hang around the necks of senior Fine Gael parliamentary party members as an indictment of incompetence and a lack of creativity and imagination.

FG will now back peddle fiercely and spin that Lee has been impatient and unreasonable in his expectations.  And he probably has been.

However,  to attract such an economic heavyweight, a person who was so widely respected as an incisive economic commentator and then  fail to accomodate this talent, is pure folly and displays a clear lack of leadership and imagination.

At least the voters of Dublin South may now recognise the talent of Alex White, who surely must have felt hard done by  following the announcement of George Lee’s candidacy for the bye election last year.

Of course, I believe there are only losers here.   Fine Gael will be perceived as a party that has started to drop the ball all too frequently in front of goal while under no real pressure.

George Lee will be perceived by many as an unrealistic and impatient man who failed to understand the real inner workings of politics.  He may also be branded as having let down the people of Dublin South and to a degree,  the national electorate.

Fine Gael’s lack of imagination and George Lee’s impatient exit is not just Dublin South’s loss,  it also adds to the frustration of all of us  and only  fuels the widespread cynicism among voters at the paucity of creativity, imagination and leadership inherent within the Irish body politic.

A bad day for Fine Gael.  A bad day for Enda Kenny, A bad day for George Lee.  A bad day for the body politic.  A bad day for the electorate.

Of course,  this major story comes hot on  foot of Fianna Fáil Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micháel Martin’s defence of the massive €4.4 million refurbishment of the Irish ambassador to Canada’s residence;

Mary Coughlan, Fianna Fáil Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s defence of the granting of an €18,000 per month  PR contract to former FF spin doctors for a quango, the National Consumer Agency, even though the agency is to  be subsumed into the Competition Authority;

Accusations of croneyism aimed at the Green Party for appointing party members to State boards;

and the staggering revelation that former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern TD hopes to get to heaven.

A bizarre day for the little people of Ireland?


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