Some excellent articles in latest edition of The Village Magazine



Excellent articles in latest edition of The Village Magazine

In an earlier post ‘How can we create a new vision and value system for this country?’ I mused on the paucity of leadership from senior politicians,  senior public servants, financial institutions and others, including the lack of detailed analysis and explanation from our fourth estate.

So interestingly, may I suggest you go out and buy the latest edition of The Village magazine.  There are some extremely well-written observations on the state of our governance.

Apart from a rather ironic although detailed personal opinion piece on Senate reform by Green Party Senator Deirdre de Burca,  herself an unelected member of said second chamber having been appointed by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern,  there are some excellent articles in this edition.

Among them are:

  • Sidelining our influential clowns – Editor Michael Smith claims we must stop looking for solutions from party politicians, business people and economists.
  • Distracting Political Bloodsports – Harry Browne once again highlights the laziness and casualness of media reporting and claims we have a grotesquely mis-shapen ‘public sphere’.
  • Against the Grain – Constantin Gurdgiev points out that in a normal democracy the State’s legitimacy and ethics are guarded by a robust and independent social pillar which scrutinises the behaviour of the elites.  It is non-existent in this country.
  • Brian Lenihan, Minister for Reckless and bogus figures (i.e. bullshit) by James Nix – You just got to read this one!
  • Revised Programme for Government sells environment short – Does what is says on the tin
  • Naked Contempt for Science – Tony Lowes of Friends of the Irish Environment claims that Ireland’s environmental mismanagement from forestry to peat to wildlife protection is only possible because the authorities deride science.

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