In any other country O’Donoghue would be gone

Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue went to great pains a couple of weeks ago, issuing a four page letter,  which drew a line in the sand on his expensive travelling tastes on the basis that ‘that was then and this is now’.  He also claimed that he was not aware of the scale of the bills that were being run up nor would he have had any input into the persons, organisations  or services hired.

On Friday we find that John O’Donoghue has continued his shameless fondness for business class travel,  five star hotels, fancy restaurants, limousines on 24 hour call and airport VIP lounges.

What is striking about a lot of this expense is the similarity with which two completely separate departments of state have managed to book the same hotels and hired the same car hire companies.

These actions are obviously  not the actions of a man who empathises and understands the sacrifice and hardship being endured by families on a daily basis or on the 160,000 people who lost their jobs here over the last year due to his own party’s incompetent handling of the economy.

His over-indulgence and princely lifestyle is a gross abuse of his position.

Failure to remove O’Donoghue from his post now, is a tacit support and a justification for such behaviour by Fianna Fáil and by the Green Party.  And remember,  this is the man who chairs the Oireachtas committee that monitors Oireachtas members remuneration and expenses.

Support for this behaviour makes a mockery of the Government’s call on the ‘rest of us, the ‘coping classes’ to make sacrifices.   He should go now.


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