Sunday Tribune’s E-Voting Non-Story ‘Exclusive’

And yet another exclusive  from the Sunday Tribune’s political correspondent Shane Colemanon that makes the front page titled ‘Gormley solo e-voting run is the first sign of Green / FF rift’

Well no it’s not actually.  If Minister Gormley was seriously intent on ascerting the Green presence in Government he would have masterminded the scrapping of the e-voting machines shortly after arriving into office.

Understandably but not neccessarily cleverly,  he has timed the decision as a political tool in an effort to shore up green support for the Local and European elections.    Problem for the Greens and their candidates is that this gesture will most likely receive a ‘too little, too late’ response on the doorsteps.

As Coleman pads out the article the spin doctoring begins to seap through the type  – he goes on to talk about ‘strain’ between the Government partners and claims that the Green Party is expected to ‘hold its own’ in the local elections.    And yet there is absolutely no evidence to back up his story – no quotes and no p0ll stats – just gentle spin-doctor whispering setting out a stall in advance of the elections.


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