Michael Martin & Teacher’s Pension – the unintentionally ‘insensitive’ Minister

Last week Minister Michael Martin was asked if  he would apologise for the remarks he made that he would not give up his teacher’s pension (even though he will receive a Ministerial pension and a TD  pension amounting to €113,000) on the basis that many people who have lost their jobs, or seen their pensions evaporate, could find them the remarks offensive.  A spokesman for the Minister claimed he had been quoted out of context stating:  “No insensitivity was intended.”

So there you have it,  Micháel was only being ‘unintentionally insensitive’ and sure what could possibly be wrong with that.

I was not sure whether I should tag this Michael Martin pension story under patriotism,  sharing the pain, leadership, insensitivity, smugness, detached, arrogant…..Answers on a postcard please……….

In fairness he is only entitled to a pension of €70,000 as a Minister, €53,000 as a TD so the teacher’s pension should come in handy for ‘tea and scone’ money.


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