Des Peelo tells us that our government politicians are decent skins who deserve our respect

Over the last week or so Des Peelo, CJH’s former accountant and financial adviser has been given the chance to defend Fianna Fáil and while doing so, astonishingly, declared on Q & A that the banking crisis is over.

He later popped up on another public service radio programme defending Brian Lenihan telling us he was a decent hard working man.

Unfortunately this is the type of ludicrous guff that passes off as empirical debate on the national broadcasting service – Peelo appeared on Questions and Answers and the Pat Kenny Show among others.

Of course Peelo has a history of advising former Fianna Fáil Taoisigh being accountant and financial adviser to CJH while also advising Bertie Ahern before Mahon Tribunal appearances so you can only guess where some of the many GUBU – style Tribunal statements may have originated from. 

Is it any wonder that the quality of government here is unlikely to rise much above the quality of the political culture from which it is drawn.

And talking of decent people check out the performance of Junior Minister for Labour Billy Kelleher on RTE’s Prime Time (well, former, in abeyance etc..)

Kelleher is a likeable chap but is a token short of a pop-up toaster in the leadership and management stakes.

To be fair to him he wasn’t shy in highlighting his inability to articulate whatever it was he was supposed to be articulating.

In this clip watch him as he reads from the notes prepared for him by his press officer and note the repetition of key phrases – ‘not immune to new ideas, no money etc…

Nice fella? Decent Skin ……Yes

Effective? Eh……….. No.


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